The BBQ/Grill

Simple precautions for your security!



  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when assembling, connecting or lighting a unit.
  • For gas or propane operated grills at the start of your season, assure that the burner ports are free of rust or dirt and are clear of dust or cobwebs.
  • Verify gas or propane cylinder connections and hoses for leaks by brushing a 50/50 mixture of liquid soap and water on all connections and hoses. If any bubbles occur when gas or propane valve is on, indicates a leak, shut the gas or propane. Correct situation appropriately, try again until no bubbles occur.
  • Always avoid gas or propane build-up to prevent explosions. Light the unit as soon as the gas or propane valve is turned on. If using matches, it is safer to light the match before opening the gas or propane valve. If the unit has an electronic ignite system, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Do not light a unit with the lid closed.
  • Cylinder valves should always be either fully opened or closed.
  • Always supervise children or pets around units. Do not wear loose apparels or clothing while operating a unit.
  • Do not operate units inside closed spaces, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.