Communication System

Communication systems are vital to keeping everyday occupations fluid, the role they play will vary based on their usage nevertheless it remains an important role for efficiency in daily operations, whether it is your personal occupations or business.

Hello this is abc from xyz delivery service, your parcel has arrived…

All communication systems whether it is a touch screen or integrated telephone entry system, an apartment intercom system, emergency call system, security card access system or mass notification systems, these systems play important roles in our daily lives and need to be running when the service is required.

Often taken for granted when we enter certain buildings or premises, that is that the communication system will function properly. In general corporate office buildings, multi-unit or high-rise residential, small commercial or big shopping centers, hotels, or healthcare facilities amongst others will have these systems and rely on them for safety and efficiency frequently daily.

All these systems require regular inspection and maintenance, just as all other IT systems require and especially when they are called upon multiple times daily you want to avoid down time.

Contact Crown Safety Systems Inc. for all your needs in regards to communications systems, our qualified professionals will ensure you're systems are working when you need them.

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Inspection Checklist

Communication System

The following are examples of inspection and maintenance that are generally required; they may not represent the requirements of your system. Inspections and maintenance requirements vary for many different reasons.

For more specific information, relating to inspection and maintenance requirements of your communication system. You can request a quote online now. If urgent, call (450) 699-1477 and a qualified technician will assist you.

It is highly recommended that qualified technicians perform your maintenance and inspection needs for obvious safety reasons

Annual  Crown Safety Systems Inc.
  • Visual Inspection
  • System Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Records

  • Notes
  • Insurance companies may ask for semi annual or annual inspection on emergency nurse call systems.


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