Inspection and Maintenance


All Fire Protection Systems require regular inspection and maintenance in order to be efficient if and when needed. Even when all is inspected and maintained to regulation, all concerned must understand that any human error or misuse of the system or one of its elements by in-house or third party subjects can render a system inefficient.

This being said, Crown understands that the more you know about Fire Protection Systems the more you will incorporate its inspection and maintenance in your daily activities. We go that extra step; we listen to our customer's needs and teach them to incorporate an efficient Fire Protection System knowledge base and assure all their systems are maintained when needed.


  Service Plans


Crown offers a variety of service plans to our customers. Our goal is to make sure our customer's needs in Fire Safety Protection will be handled in the most efficient way possible.

Some customers prefer annual inspections and certification, and will have their own in house inspections on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis; others prefer to have Crown do it for them. Ultimately it is the customer's choice.

Crown service plans offers not only savings to our customers but it assures they have a reliable, experienced company keeping them informed of fire safety rules and regulations that may concern them and to have Crown's experienced technicians ready to answer 24/7 to all their fire protection system emergencies.


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