Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants enable firefighters to tap into the municipal water supply to extinguish a fire. Although fire hydrants are usually maintained by the municipalities, there also exist many privately owned fire hydrants used in industrial sectors.

Often taken for granted…

What could be simpler? It's just one valve, you open it and that allows the water from the underground water system to go through a hose and then discharge from a nozzle to extinguish a fire. They've been around for at least 150 years and their basic design and operation have not changed much since. They are an important link in the chain to assure fires are extinguished when called upon.

Many hydrants in areas such as large shopping malls, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities, as well as apartment complexes and so on are privately owned and need to be tested and maintained in good working condition according to recognized standards.

Insurance companies may also be concerned and require certain tests.

Basically owners should assure (1) their reliability – regular inspections, and (2) the rate at which water is available for fire suppression – flow tests.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link… and in the case of a fire hydrant, the consequences can be major if when needed the hydrant doesn't work.

We offer innovative fire suppression systems that comply with necessary codes and we stay within your budget. We work closely with our clients to create fire protection systems that offer them the maximum in safety, effectiveness.

Our team looks forward to the opportunity to assist you with any of your fire protection needs. Our team will collaborate and work with you to find solutions to your specific applications. Please feel free to contact Crown Safety Systems Inc. about your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs.

Inspection Checklist

Fire Hydrants

The following are examples of inspection and maintenance that are generally required; they may not represent the requirements of your system. Inspections and maintenance requirements vary for many different reasons.

For more specific information, relating to inspection and maintenance requirements of your fire protection system. You can request a quote online now. If urgent, call (450) 699-1477 and a qualified technician will assist you.

It is highly rec

ommended that qualified technicians perform your maintenance and inspection needs for obvious safety reasons

Semi annually Recommended - In-house inspection
  • Maintenance
  • It is important to fully open and shut the hydrant to make sure it drains properly to prevent freezing

Annual  Crown Safety Systems Inc. - NFPA 24, 25
  • Visual Inspection
  • System Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Records
  •   Report
  •   Certificate
  •   Tag

  • Notes
  • It is recommended to flush the hydrants annually.
  • Should grease the caps for easy opening.


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