Range hood systems

When your business involves running a busy kitchen, the survival of your business may very well depend on your kitchen fire suppression system's capability to detect and put out fires before they get out of control. Amid the grease, the heat and most often fast paced, and also often crowded work environment, kitchen fires can flare up without any warning!

Inspections are crucial…

Hundreds if not thousands of fires ignite in commercial cooking kitchens every day, and when fire suppression systems do not operate efficiently it can become very costly.

Most restaurants and commercial or institutional kitchens are serving healthier foods, and part of that change means cooking with vegetable oils instead of animal fats. In turn this means we are cooking at higher temperatures. Higher cooking temperatures increase fire risks and when fires do occur with vegetable cooking oils more cooling time is required and thus the risk of re-ignition lurks.

Automatic fire suppression systems such as a range hood system play a large role in keeping losses to a minimum

Many range hood systems can become out-dated, one way for a system to be out-dated is when it no longer complies with the code. Dry systems (known as chemical powder systems) are to be replaced with wet systems, as they are not compliant. Dry systems are more mechanically complex and inherently had more problems setting off, and were more difficult to inspect. Otherwise another way for a system to become out-dated is to miss its annual inspection. Every type of fire suppression system must be inspected and tested annually. For example, fusible links, as a component of the system need to changed annually. Annual tests and inspection are crucial, some insurance companies will require semi-annual tests and inspection, If not effected the system will be deemed out-dated and non-compliant to fire safety code.

Having an automatic fire suppression system in place reduces the risks or losses when a fire occurs. Unfortunately fires are bound to occur, but the damages caused can be kept to a minimum, providing a proper, tested and inspected fire suppression system works when you need it to.

Many factors can be a part of the reason why kitchen fires will ignite, but basic precautions can help enormously in reducing these risks. Assure your systems are proper and that they are tested and inspected as required.

We offer innovative fire suppression systems that comply with necessary codes and we stay within your budget. We work closely with our clients to create fire protection systems that offer them the maximum in safety, effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

Our team looks forward to the opportunity to assist you with any of your fire protection needs. Our team will collaborate and work with you to find solutions to your specific applications. Please feel free to contact Crown Safety Systems Inc. about your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs.

Inspection Checklist

Range Hood System

The following are examples of inspection and maintenance that are generally required; they may not represent the requirements of your system. Inspections and maintenance requirements vary for many different reasons.

For more specific information, relating to inspection and maintenance requirements of your fire protection system. You can request a quote online now. If urgent, call (450) 699-1477 and a qualified technician will assist you.

It is highly recommended that qualified technicians perform your maintenance and inspection needs for obvious safety reasons

Weekly Recommended - In-house inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Check the guage on the cylinder.

Annual  Crown Safety Systems Inc. - NFPA 17, 17A, 96, 2001
  • Visual Inspection
  • System Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Fusible links are to be changed every year.
  • Records
  •   Report
  •   Certificate
  •   Tag

  • Notes
  • Insurance companies may ask for semi annual or annual inspection.


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