Smoking and Ashtrays

Simple precautions for your security!



  • Careless or irresponsible smoking is the number one cause of home fire deaths.
  • Do not extinguish smoked articles in pots for plants/flowers. The soil may contain peat moss, shredded wood and bark that can easily ignite.
  • Use larger ashtrays that can't be knocked over and deeper ashtrays to prevent cinders from spilling easily.
  • Ideally, empty ashes into a metal container, otherwise before placing in garbage ensure that several hours have passed since the last item smoked has been extinguished. Spray butts with water to be safe.
  • Smokers should smoke away from upholstered material in general. Cinders or ember can smolder in upholstery cushions for hours before igniting.
  • In general it is rather wise for smokers to go smoke outside in the fresh air for numerous reasons.
  • Alcohol and fire are always a dangerous mix. Stay vigilant and make sure all cinders are properly extinguished, during parties, social events or gatherings.
  • Avoid smoking when sleepy or lying down.